abdominohisterotomía, abdominohisterectomía.

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  • abdominohysterotomy — noun A hysterotomy through the wall of the abdomen …   Wiktionary

  • abdominohysterotomy — SYN: abdominal hysterotomy. * * * ab·dom·i·no·hys·ter·ot·o·my (ab dom″ĭ no his″tər otґə me) abdominal hysterotomy …   Medical dictionary

  • hysterotomy — Incision of the uterus. SYN: metrotomy, uterotomy. [hystero + G. tome, incision] abdominal h. transabdominal incision into the uterus. SYN: abdominohysterotomy. vaginal h. incision into th …   Medical dictionary

  • abdominal hysterotomy — incision of the uterus through the wall of the abdomen. Called also abdominohysterotomy, abdominouterotomy, and laparohysterotomy …   Medical dictionary

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